Pitching In
Wednesday, May 18
London, UK


So Many Plus Points

Hello everyone.

One very happy manager reporting in today after an emphatic win against Aylesbury United yesterday.

There were so many plus points to come from the match, apologies if I miss some. The attitude of all the lads was first class. From the warm up, right through to the final whistle, positives were abundant!

I believe it started in the training sessions before on both the Tuesday and Thursday. Yet again the intensity that these boys train at was of a very high level. We don’t train for long but when we do it’s proper!

The lads seemed to carry this on to Saturday’s match and although Aylesbury are at the bottom of our league, I honestly feel that whoever we would have played we would have been blown away!!

Ryan Ingrey, who rightly got MoM, was so positive, but not only him. Erkan Okay along with Jack run the show in midfield. Ryan Towner who has been asked to play in a unfamiliar role on the right was tremendous. Both fullbacks were not only solid but contributed to our flowing attacks. As well as our central defensive two who hardly lost a challenge whether it be on the floor or aerially. Add to that Rob Mason who played with a rejuvenated desire and Rhys Hoenes who probably by his own very high standard wasn’t the star today you can get that I was pleased with them all.

You may be saying there’s one lad missing but I’ve left him to last. Ron Yates, who naturally by this positive performance was largely redundant but the save that he came out with halfway through the 2nd half was one of the best I’ve seen!!

So pleased! Now to keep it going. All the subs played their part and to think we had our captain in Scott Bridges missing. The signs are good.

For my part I want to retain this spirit. Obviously by winning regularly and maintaining our professionalism, the belief grows! It’s only three points I hear you cry but the way we went about things yesterday is a great base!

Thank you for everyone’s support. Myself and the players really appreciate it.