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Crows On The Road: Jez’s Report

And it's a superb save, world class save by the…… erm defender!

Crows at Biggleswade Town FC

Wednesday 26th December 2012

Result: Biggleswade Town 2-1 Royston Town (Fehmi)

Attendance: 205 (72 Travelling Crows)

The Journey

I was picked up, yep picked up now! I don't think my travelling Crows trust my driving or my Sat Nav. We left Royston though just after 11, after manouvering my Dad into the back of a SEAT, poor old soul. The SEAT not my Dad!

After an uneventful journey along the A505, A1 and the country roads through Langford, we arrived at the impressive Carlsberg Stadium at 11:35. I have seen the adverts on the TV and we were all expecting scantilly clad girls serving the cold frothy stuff outside of the ground. It did not happen Crows, instead we were treated to a miserable old man demanding £8.00 off me and telling us off for being too early! Don't even ask about the reaction when I asked for a program. It was like being kicked out of SG8!

The Ground

You would think that after investing all this money on a fantastic new ground, the entry would be pretty impressive, well you'd be sadly wrong! Perhaps this was a cheaper alternative to speed humps, but the approach to the stadium resembled Darlington's Feethams Stadium….rutted! My poor Dad was bounced all over the place and looked quite ashen faced when we eventually parked up and left the car. Not Richard's driving a hasten to add!

Once through the turnstiles and the rottveiler on the gate, we entered a pretty impressive stadium for this level. To our left stood a warming and inviting club house, but first we ventured into the stadium area and were greeted by a lush green pitch. Their groundsman must have worked his socks off to get it to this standard!

Along this side stood an impressive 300 seater stand in green seats with the legend BTFC in white bourne out, Classy! Opposite was open terrace with s small uncovered stand situated in the middle. The dugouts were either side of this build.

Both ends held uncovered terracing, glad it did not rain much!!! Only on our hearts.

Food and Drink

In the bar you had a wide choice of lagers, as long as it was Carlsberg! Cold and wet though to this thirsty (and my shaken Dad) traveller welcome! Food is always excellent here and pretty good value. I saw Nick demolish the worlds biggest burger in under 20 seconds, I did ask him about mould (he does not have much luck with bread does our Nick!), all ok from reports.

Tea, nice and strong and the coke (Beverage) good value for money!

Paul, who runs the burger bar has promised discount to all travelling Crows next year… I just mentioned we would be in a different division, he called me a cocky so and so and that the discount does not relay to me!


£1.00 and absolutely first class value. Lots of articles and I loved the famous quotes. Now who said the following "You'd be better off talking to my baby, She's only six weeks old, but you get more sense from her than from him" This was directed from one Scotsman to another. First person to give me a correct answer on saturday gets a free pint……………(cough cough water!)

State of Toilets

Clean and warm and not an overpowering stench of Jiff Cleaner. Jez is happy.

Tannoy System

Lots of Christmas music played including "So this is Christmas" x 7 times!!! They loved it so much, it continued playing into the second half. They obviously do not have Alan CD's.

Home Fans

Pretty good turnout for a home game. Fairly quiet fans except for a few shouts of "C'mon you wa**ers" or was it "Waders",very hard to tell with the Biggleswade "draw".


An excellent turnout from the Crows. The official travellers tales team counted at least 72 from Royston. Lots of regulars and lots of new faces. My only critism was that we were all spread out throughout the ground. Come on Crow, lets choose an end and shout from now untill the end of the season! I've got lots of new songs, was itching to sing the "Everywhere we go" song. The players really really want us to create an atmosphere.

The Game

Just like Slough, a game of two halfs. A very very scrappy game, which was not helped by some baffling decisions. 78 free kicks in 90 minutes does not paint a true reflection on a competitive match.

First half saw the Waders plough forward at every opportunity giving our defence lots of problems. A an absolute stunning save by Liam on 32 minutes, saw the red card produced and the Crows punished. Biggleswade took full numerical advantage and further punished the Crows just before half time.

Second half saw a rampaging Royston performance led by the impressive Kaan Fehmi, wave after wave of Royston attacks were repelled before Kaan latched on to a rebounded Robins shot to give the Crows a glimmer of hope.

Royston piled foward and the Waders resorted to gamesmanship tactics at every opportunity, a spirited and solid second half performance from Royston.

Physio Watch

For a match that saw so many free kicks and yellow cards, you would think we would have seen the healing hands people on numorous occassions.You'd be wrong, which in my eyes shows how officious the referee was. We saw Kim just the once, to massage Tommy back to health and apart from that, very quiet.

Man Of The Match

One person stood out by far….. Step forward Kaan Fehmi, by far the best player on the pitch for both sides. He battled, led by example, willed the team on and was unlucky to be on the losing side. Honourable mentions to Sir Jack Bradshaw for some notable interceptions, Tommy Malins for an excellent shift before being tactically subbed and Will Norris for an impressive display.


After being reliably informed about the Kites of Slough, Richard did spot many seagulls swooping and diving above the Carlsberg stadium. Apart from present company, the only decent birds to be seen!

Mileage for me so far (Round Trips)

1,091.6 Plus that round trip to stupid Burnham Ramblers.

Jez Izod (With additional reporting from Caroline Scott, Richard Scott and David Izod)