Youth Match Report: U13 Colts v Arbury 100213



Sunday 10th February 2013


Arbury Aces v Royston Town Youth Colts


Cambridge & District Colts League Division 13A


Won 0-22

Royston Scorers

Mick 4, Adam 4, Jonah 4, Jake 3, Callum 2, Keiran, Jordan, Olly, George

Man of Match

Jake – intelligent and dominant midfield play and a good hat-trick

Team – George, Jonah, Joe, Kyle, Olly, Keiran, Callum, Jake, Jordan, Adam, Tommy, Mick, Lewis.


I have been coaching this talented squad for seven years and have never seen a score-line like this. On our day we can give most club sides a good game but when in the mood the boys can really turn it on.


The weather was chilly and damp but the wind was not a factor this week. The pitch – when located – was sticky and the grass was uneven in places but it was still a good day for football to be played. Arbury Aces lined up with only ten players but anyone watching couldn’t deny they kept going to the end and always looked to make a break when the opportunity arose.


The boys started lively and up for it and never really took their foot off the pedal.


0-1                Adam. Direct run and firm shot

0-2                Jake. Slotted home a Jordan cross.

0-3                Callum. Coverted another Jordan cross.

0-4                Keiran. Finished a Mick move.

0-5                Adam. Tricky run and finish.

0-6                Jake. Pounced on a spilt Mick shot.

0-7                Jordan. Great first touch and finish.

0-8                Callum. Powered in a Joe cross.

0-9                Adam. Determined run and shot.


Half time 0-9.


0-10             Keiran. Mazy run and cool finish.

0-11             Mick. Shot home a Jordan run and cross.

0-12             George. Buried a Mick pass.

0-13             Mick. Solo run and power shot.

0-14             Jonah. Fine accurate finish.

0-15             Mick. First time shot across goalkeeper.

0-16             Jonah. Converts a George pass.

0-17             Olly. Strong work and direct shot.

0-18             Jonah. Hits home a Mick cross.

0-19             Mick. Tricky feet and good shot.

0-20             Jake. Good spin and shot.

0-21             Adam. Quality controlled accurate drive.

0-22             Jonah. Good feet, low finish.


We moved the boys around a lot, playing them in different positions, brought George out of goal (thanks Callum) and asked them to keep playing football throughout – which they did – there was no long ball just good passing and movement. It could have been more with shots over and wide – plus a saved penalty. What was pleasing was the goals came from all over the team and they continued to work hard for each other to create chances.


A top team performance but special mentions for..


Adam – best game so far

Callum – strong in first half

Keiran – superb wherever we put him

Jordan – speedy and dangerous in first half

Joey – it will come mate – first name on the team-sheet


Man of the match was Jake for a strong all round performance and a good hat-trick – with a top quality third goal – sharp spin and deadly finish.


Keep it going.