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Crows On The Road: Jez’s Report

Communication, Communication, Communication!
Crows at Godalming Town FC
Saturday 30th March 2013
Result: Godalming Town 3-0 Royston Town
Attendance: 190 (27 Travelling Crows)
The Journey
After stock checking and emptying bins, the intrepid band of supporters left Garden Walk at 12pm for the long journey South. We had been ribbed earlier by G’s supporters calling us Northerners! I know I am from Wolverhampton, but Caroline and Richard are as London as they come! (Spurs fans, tish tish)
Anyhow a pretty straightforward journey to Surrey was hampered by bewildering traffic on the Worlds largest car park. Frustration was setting into this annoyed driver as my passengers became concerned about my use of the English language.
Sat nav problems are a common occurrence for these seasoned travellers and said Sat Nav did not disappoint. After travelling along the A3 at the regulation speed we were over taken by a tooting car with the occupants giving us sign language. Before I was to retaliate with my own hand gestures, we realised that Jason Beck and Matt Standen were trying to communicate in a clapped out old Vauxhall Corsa!
Rather than follow said Corsa we decided to stick with the pre-programmed route and unfortunately that is where it went so so wrong. Just as we negotiating the delights of Guildford, the sat nav powered down and we were travelling along the road to Dorking and Leatherhead (About 30 miles the opposite direction). After reverting to map and compass we were soon on the right track and arrived at the Wey Court just in time to see the end of the Manchester United match.
The Ground
Quaint and old fashioned to say the least. The Club house reminded me of a 1950’s village hall. Extremely friendly inside and the gentleman who searched for the sugar for my tea must have gone on one long trek (Did not have the heart to tell him that I am sweet enough as it is!).
You entered the ground by walking down the side of the club house and after paying the entry fee, you were then mugged in a friendly way to purchase a golden gamble ticket.
The Food hut was located at this point in the ground. Crows fans then had to negotiate several steps to reach the playing area. An old fashioned stand stood in the middle, decked out in the Green of Godalming. A covered terrace stood to the right where most of the local vocal contingent gathered for the first half.
Opposite was an open terrace in which the dug outs were located.
The playing surface looked pretty good after the winter and spring we are having. A credit to the groundsman.
Food and Drink
Excellent value for money. £2.80 for Sausage and chips which were extremely tasty. The tea at a £1.00 actually tasted of tea.
An excellent read for £1.50. Loads of different articles and even travelling Jez got a mention in the commercial section. I’m famous now you know!
State of Toilets
As the ground is not modern (which I prefer personally), the toilets followed the same theme. Clean and not over powered by either nasty niffs or air fresheners.
Tannoy System
A good choice of music which varied from pretty early stuff that our Terry would have enjoyed to some more modern dance music that nearly caused Jez to do the Harlem shuffle. Richard was introduced to the Crowd as the resident bird watcher and was given locations of where to spot the red kites.
Home Fans
Friendly and extremely welcoming. Really into their team and gave loads of support throughout. They do start them young here as there was a 6 month old baby amongst the home support (I was informed that she came for her first game when just 3 days old, starting them off young here!).
Kevin kept on apologising to me as the score line became progressively worse.
27 of us made the long trip south and were left disappointed and frustrated after a poor display from the Crows. Lots of support at the start but fizzled out as events unfolded on the pitch.
The Game
Less said the better me thinks. First half saw our defence play as if they were total strangers. No communication and just, well, awful.
Craig was left feeding on scraps for the whole game.
Second half saw the G’s content on sitting with their lead and made the Crows chase the game. We huffed and we puffed, but we could not blow a goal in.
Physio Watch
Actually did not see much action from either of them, but as they were so far away it was difficult to tell.
Bird watching
Richard was very satisfied with his Kite spotting and was appreciative of Kevin from Godalming's assistance. I saw several stunning blondes in the main stand. Unfortunately all spoken for I found out later. Gutted.com
Man Of The Match
Very rare for me to do this, but no-one came out with much credit from Saturday.
Mileage for me so far (Round Trips)
2,987.3 Plus that round trip to stupid Burnham Ramblers.

Jez Izod (With additional reporting from Caroline Scott, Richard Scott)